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I owe it all to WEEKLY READER

Previously I wrote on the About page for The Daily Flag, that my interest in flags began when I was a first grader. This post is an expansion on the topic.

Let me state absolutely and without hesitation: I loved The Children’s Newspaper—My Weekly Reader and it is directly responsible for my youthful enthusiasm for flags, newspapers, and photography.

Once a week my teacher would pass out individual copies of Weekly Reader to the class. I saved mine for a long, too (thus jump-starting my pack-rat tendencies, but that’s another story). I learned to love newspapers, and began reading the daily paper at an early age.

When my husband, Larry, and I decided the flag store was go–go–go, I knew that if at all possible, I wanted to reproduce pages from Weekly Reader—pages from 1958 and 1959, when I was little reader. I wanted to show you the stories that had made such an impression on me that I remembered them forty-nine years later.

After a series of telephone calls, eventually I reached Nancy Marra with Weekly Reader and told her my request. A few weeks later I received a wonderful gift—photocopies of My Weekly Reader from when I was a first grader! I know it took a lot of work on Nancy’s end to grant my request, and Nancy—Thank You!

Look at these wonderful pages—No wonder I was excited about Alaska!

Alaska Flag PageAlaska Photos

And Hawaii—Our fiftieth State and fiftieth Star! I was ready to pack my bags and head off west.

Hawaii Front PageEisenhower Hawaii Flag

Hawaiian PeopleSo here I am—still enchanted with Alaska and Hawaii, all because of Weekly Reader. I haven’t traveled there yet, but I take some time each day to visit via web cameras.

Here is a Hawaiian webcam.
Here is my favorite Alaskan webcam.

And Weekly Reader is still delighting children everywhere. Take a look at the Weekly Reader web site, and welcome to the 21st Century!