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More web cam views

DKH 12Last week I linked to two web cams that I especially like to visit because the U.S. and Texas flags are normally visible in the view.

I don’t visit these next sites every day, but I try to stop by a few times a week. Regular readers will not be surprised to learn that I love these two views of Mt. McKinley in Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska.

Looking North from the roof of the ACS building in Anchorage, it is pure delight to see the mountain on a clear day, framed by the buildings.

And I’m sure somewhere in the cityscape, there is an Alaska state flag flying. Maybe I should telephone the Denny’s and encourage them to put up a tall pole and a big Alaska flag.

This web cam is provided by Talkeetna Air Taxi and is more open view of the mountain range. If I ever get to Alaska, I’ll definitely take a flight.

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I owe it all to WEEKLY READER

Previously I wrote on the About page for The Daily Flag, that my interest in flags began when I was a first grader. This post is an expansion on the topic.

Let me state absolutely and without hesitation: I loved The Children’s Newspaper—My Weekly Reader and it is directly responsible for my youthful enthusiasm for flags, newspapers, and photography.

Once a week my teacher would pass out individual copies of Weekly Reader to the class. I saved mine for a long, too (thus jump-starting my pack-rat tendencies, but that’s another story). I learned to love newspapers, and began reading the daily paper at an early age.

When my husband, Larry, and I decided the flag store was go–go–go, I knew that if at all possible, I wanted to reproduce pages from Weekly Reader—pages from 1958 and 1959, when I was little reader. I wanted to show you the stories that had made such an impression on me that I remembered them forty-nine years later.

After a series of telephone calls, eventually I reached Nancy Marra with Weekly Reader and told her my request. A few weeks later I received a wonderful gift—photocopies of My Weekly Reader from when I was a first grader! I know it took a lot of work on Nancy’s end to grant my request, and Nancy—Thank You!

Look at these wonderful pages—No wonder I was excited about Alaska!

Alaska Flag PageAlaska Photos

And Hawaii—Our fiftieth State and fiftieth Star! I was ready to pack my bags and head off west.

Hawaii Front PageEisenhower Hawaii Flag

Hawaiian PeopleSo here I am—still enchanted with Alaska and Hawaii, all because of Weekly Reader. I haven’t traveled there yet, but I take some time each day to visit via web cameras.

Here is a Hawaiian webcam.
Here is my favorite Alaskan webcam.

And Weekly Reader is still delighting children everywhere. Take a look at the Weekly Reader web site, and welcome to the 21st Century!