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The Daily Flag News—September 28, 2007

The Pensacola Flag is available for purchase. Haven’t heard of the Pensacola Flag?  The history and intrigue surrounding this flag is a fascinating story, beginning in 1861.

EEBrennandFlagU.S. flag to be sold is closely linked to actions of Camden sailor William Conway in 1861 – Maine Coast NOW – A Courier Publications Information Source 
This iconic ghost of an American flag is the earliest documented and probably the first flag captured during the American Civil War.

“This flag was hauled down by secessionists on Jan. 12, 1861, fully three months before the firing on Fort Sumter, and so far as known was the first United States flag so desecrated in the Great Conflict.” So reads the provenance from the Soldier and Sailors Memorial, where this flag has been since 1912, just being de-accessed in 2007.

Some of the first action of the Civil War occurred early in January 1861 around the forts at Pensacola, Fla. Florida had just seceded from the Union on Jan. 10, 1861.

The original museum tag reads “PENSACOLA FLAG — This flag was hauled down by the Secessionists, (then citizens of Florida and Alabama) at Pensacola, Florida, on Jan. 12, 1861, (Three months before the firing on Fort Sumter,) and so far as known was the first United States flag so desecrated in the great conflict, from 1861 to 1865.”

There is also authority for the statement that the gun first fired on the Union side, in that conflict, was fired in defending this flag, Jan. 8, 1861.

Branding is always an interesting subject, but thinking of the United States as a brand, like Coca-Cola, is a startling idea. The British magazine Monocle asked a marketing specialist in branding how the United States could improve its brand around the world.

WSJUSABrand The Informed Reader – : Brand USA is Broken. Brand US Would Be Better
As a brand, the U.S. is doing poorly these days. In a BBC poll, it ranked with Israel, North Korea, and Iran as the nations perceived to be having the most negative influence on the world. What’s a country to do about a reputation like that?

Monocle, a magazine on international affairs and cosmopolitan lifestyles, has a special issue on countries as brands, the basic idea being that countries should manage their perceptions around the world as attentively as the folks at Coca-Cola manage theirs. With that in mind, the magazine asked Paula Scher, a principal at design company Pentagram, how she would handle America’s account.

I like to promote flag retirement ceremonies, and this one in Bedford, Ohio is scheduled October 6, 2007. If you have an American flag (or state flag) that needs retiring, take it to one of the three drop-off locations in Bedford.

BedfordOhioUSFlag MyFox Cleveland | Flag Disposal Ceremony Info
BEDFORD, Ohio — A very important event to remember and honor those who served in the armed forces is planned for Saturday, Oct. 6 in Bedford.

Hundreds of veterans and Boy Scouts will gather to attend a "Ceremony for the Disposal of Unserviceable Flags." The event is free and open to the public.

Old, tattered and damaged American flags are being collected and can be dropped off from now until that day. The three drop-off locations are:

Bedford City Hall 165 Center Road Bedford, Ohio 44146

Tim Lally Chevrolet 19000 Rockside Road Bedford, Ohio 44146

The Coffee Cup 444 Broadway Avenue Bedford, Ohio 44146

Immigrants applying for citizenship will have to undergo a more rigorous test now. With that in mind, the Houston Chronicle took their video cameras to the Houston Community College campus to ask a few citizenship questions. This is similar to the "Man on the Streets" questions by the late night TV hosts. You’ll learn a lot watching the video, I promise.

HCCQuestionsCitizenship test more star-spangled than ever | – Houston Chronicle
Think you know American history? Well, what did dollar-coin lady Susan B. Anthony do?

If you answered that she sewed the American flag, like one college student did on Thursday in Houston, you’d fail at least one question in the new citizenship test just announced by the government.

The new exam, several years and $6.5 million in the making, is designed to give would-be Americans a better sense of U.S. history, civics and foundational principles, placing less emphasis on memorization.