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American Flag Planted on Moon

apollo-11-astronauts.jpgThirty-eight years ago today, two Apollo 11 astronauts landed on the lunar surface. Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong stepped on another body revolving around our sun. Armstrong stepped down first, and uttered these famous words,

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Aldrin and Armstrong spent two and one-half hours on the surface of the moon, during which they planted the American flag. The three Apollo 11 astronauts—Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins—made history that can only be repeated by standing on Mars and planting a U.S. flag. No, not quite the same, but very, very close.

buzz_salutes_the_us_flag.jpgThe skeptics were plentiful, as some still believe the whole thing was a show on a sound stage. A good argument against the hoax theory is the USSR. They monitored the entire event (through gritted teeth, I’m sure). If the moon landing had been staged, they would have known it and said so, with great joy.

July 20, 1969 found me enjoying the summer before my Senior year of high school. I was working, playing, and having a good time. I remember the landing, but little else about where I was or who I was with.

How about you? Where were you when Armstrong took that small step?

Deborah here: I was with my sister, Linda. We were clustered with a dozen girls around a TV set in the lounge of the student nurses’ dorm at Northwest Texas Hospital in Amarillo, Texas. We watched the entire event from start to finish, which extended late into the evening as I recall.

You can read more on this at the Johnson Space Center NASA site.