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AHOY! Ye Mateys—It’s talk like a Pirate Day

Today is the 12th annual celebration of International Talk Like a Pirate day. What began with much tongue-in-cheek, has caught on as a fun day to talk with a strange tongue. The most difficult part? Keeping a straight face while saying ARGGGH!


No, not these Pirates
Pirates of the Carribean


Started in 1995 by Americans John Baur and Mark Summers, the day is meant for fun, not taking anything too seriously. Why September 19th? It was Mark Summers’ wife’s birthday, so it was easily remembered each year … at least for him.

Apparently, Dave Barry pick up the story in 2002 and since then, the day is truly celebrated on an International scale. It also has its own logo, of you’re looking for that next big t-shirt craze.


The most fun I ever had at a Toastmaster’s meeting involved everyone talking like a Pirate. By the end of the meeting, everyone was exhausted from laughing so hard. My throat starts hurting a bit just thinking about it.

Want to liven up the office today? Go ahead—Talk Like a Pirate!