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The Daily Flag News—December 14, 2007

A fifty foot flagpole, a big U.S. flag, and a hot cup of coffee sound good to me. In fact, it makes me want to take a little trip and enjoy a cup on Mr. Rocheleau’s porch with him. That would be a pleasure.

Local man’s replica flags honor service, sacrifice and country : Local News : Ventura County Star
ericparsonsflags.jpgEvery morning in the stillness at daybreak, Brian Rocheleau sits on his front porch with a cup of coffee, gazes at the rolling hills surrounding his 30-acre ranch in the Santa Rosa Valley and listens to what he says is the soothing, rippling sound of his 20-by-30-foot American flag as it catches a breeze beneath the brightening sky.

Flying high on a 50-foot fiberglass pole in his front yard, the giant flag is an imposing sight of undulating red, white and blue that mingles with the dawn’s silence — the best part of the day, said Rocheleau, a time he sets aside for personal reflection.

A great bunch of people surrounding the 97 year-old Captain Ralph Styles. I hope he’s recovered and back home for this evenings gathering.

Pearl Harbor survivor inspires appreciation for US flag – Local & State News – Tampa Bay’s 10 –
captainralphstyles.jpgSiesta Key, Florida– Every evening as the sun sets on Siesta Key, dozens gather to witness, or even help in what’s become a neighborhood tradition. They gather honoring the United States flag at the home of 97 year old Captain Ralph Styles, a retired submarine commander in the Navy, who was there for Pearl Harbor, and spent his entire career protecting the country he loves.

“I think it’s very moving because people come here from the heart,” said Steve Golden, a retired US Air Force Colonel. “I realized today was Dec 7th, Pearl Harbor Day, and I told my wife, we have to be here.”

I love looking at these old flags, but WOW! $1.5 million dollars to store and preserve these battle flags.

Concord Monitor – 5 questions about flag restoration
concordbattleflag.jpgThe last time experts examined the 100 decaying regimental flags displayed at the State House in Concord, they estimated it would cost at least $600,000 to preserve them. The Legislature established a fund for preserving the flags 18 years ago, but only $1,300 has been collected. Now, Dan Meehan, the state commander for the New Hampshire Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, and a class at Woodsville High School are trying to reinvigorate fundraising for the project. We spoke with Meehan, a Rochester firefighter.

Why is it important to the save the flags? It’s part of our New Hampshire history. A lot of those flags were carried by New Hampshire men and women from the Civil War on up through Vietnam. . . . Some of these have been on the field of Gettysburg.

I’m slightly partial on this matter, being Texan and all, but I think it’s plain as the band on your cowboy hat which state has the best cowboys. So many folks are all hat and no cattle.

Casper Star-Tribune Online – Pro
nfrcowboys.jpgOne question gets cowboys particularly riled up: “So, where are the best cowboys from?”

Bareback bronc rider Justin McDaniel of Porum, Okla., says matter-of-factly, “Green Country, for sure.”

Fellow bareback rider Bobby Mote of Culver, Ore., is a little more practical, suggesting that by sheer numbers, it has to be Texas.

And then there are Wyoming cowboys.

“Wyoming, by far, man,” said Mills’ Kelly Timberman, who was leading the bareback competition of the National Finals Rodeo through Sunday with 339 points on four head. “We’re born cowboys when we hit the ground, we want to be cowboys when we’re teenagers, and we follow through ’til we’re old and gray and drinking beer and team roping.”

It’s never to early to start teaching boys to be good citizens. That’s what I like about the Scouting program.

Index Journal | Greenwood, SC | News
officer-cubscout.jpg“The flag had gotten pretty ratty, and any time it starts getting faded, you’re supposed to change it, by flag law,” Ehney said. “I asked my boss, Keith Harbin, if we could change it and bring the Scouts over. He was nice enough to allow us to use the facility here.”

Eight of the pack’s 10 dens attended the event, bringing more than 50 Scouts, ages 6 to 11, to the flag pole.

“When a flag is in such a condition it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, it should be replaced and destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning,” Ehney said Monday.

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Flag Status Report

While putting out the flag the other morning, I noticed a few loose strings in the fabric, which caused me to take a closer look. The American flag flying in front of Flags Bay headquarters is approaching five months old, so I thought I’d give a status report.

When we moved into our current location in July, and we put up new flags for the occasion. The old flags were laundered and set aside as replacements. They aren’t ready for retirement, but we wanted New flags at the New location. I guess you just had to be there. The flags we put up are the outdoor nylon American and Texas flag we sell in the flag store. They are holding up very well, with the exception of the loose threads that need to be tied and clipped.

About a month ago, the wind and rain caught us by surprise one day and bent one flagpole beyond repair. The weight of the soaked flag, plus the wind did it in. The flag was fine after drying. Since then, we have flown only the American flag in front of headquarters, and it looks a little lonely.

I don’t have my new flagpole installed yet, because the ground is rock where I want to put it—which I discovered a few weeks ago when I started digging by hand. I gave up after eight inches and an hour of effort.

The new pole requires a hole about two feet deep, then a receiving sleeve is set in concrete. The flagpole itself slips into and out of the sleeve as needed. It’s really quite ingenious. The flagpole can be slipped out of the sleeve and stored in a garage or taken to another location, making is very portable, yet an excellent stationary pole.

There is a man in our area who advertises all over with signs that read, “Holes – $10” and I’m thinking a telephone call is in order. Saving my back is worth more than the $10 this fellow charges for digging a hole. My neighbor said the man has a small tractor with a hole auger mounted on the back. I still don’t see how that will work with all the rocks, but for $10, I’m willing to find out.

Oh, about that flag report: Back in February, I wrote an article that included the needs of flags, including regular washing. Our flags are washed regularly, but now a few repairs are in order. Nothing major, but if not fixed now, it will ruin quickly.

There you have it, a personal recommendation of our flags directly from our experience here at Flags Bay.

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The Daily Flag News—October 5, 2007

Cub Scout Immediate Recognition Kit #01804, is being recalled for potential lead based paint. In addition to the news story, the Sam Houston Council website has more information.

Cub Scout badges recalled over lead fears | – Houston Chronicle
recognitionkit01804.JPGA plastic badge awarded to Cub Scouts was recalled Thursday by the Boy Scouts of America because it may contain excessive levels of lead paint.

The recalled badge — made in China — is the “Immediate Recognition Kit,” which has been distributed to an estimated 1.7 million Cub Scouts nationwide.

“Our highest priority is the safety of the boys,” said Gregg Shields, spokesman for the Boy Scouts of America, which is based in Irving. He said the organization “apologizes for any concerns this may have caused and we are doing everything we can to ensure the health and safety of everyone who participates in our programs.”

More flag pole controversy in Winchester, Virginia. A zoning ordinance of 40′ and an 80′ flag pole flying an American flag clash again. It seems every month another story surfaces about this type conflict. It seems better communication between cities and businesses might help.

The Winchester Star
winchesterstarflag.jpgBoyce — Long may it wave — at least for now.

Relatives of a late Waterloo businessman learned on Wednesday that they may continue to fly the American flag from an 80-foot flagpole outside his former business, despite a Clarke County board’s ruling that it violates zoning laws.

In his decision, Frederick County Circuit Court Judge John R. Prosser ruled in favor of Jerry Kirk’s appeal of a decision by the county Board of Zoning Appeals. The board ruled in 2006 that his flagpole at the Apple Blossom U-Store-It violates county regulations that consider a flagpole a structure, and thus limit it to a maximum height of 40 feet in the Highway Commercial District.

Do you recognize the flag to the right? It’s a replica of the original New Mexico flag that flew between 1915 and 1920. A local business person found references to the flag and is now working to educate the public about its history.

Las Cruces Sun-News – Business celebrates little-known remnant of New Mexico history
newmexicooriginalflag.jpgLAS CRUCES — A little-known, never-flown New Mexico state flag is fluttering over Las Cruces these days, lending a dash of history to the city.

A replica of the original, although unofficial, state colors now flutters in the breeze at Garland Realty and Development on North Main Street. And it’s not even close to the red Zia and yellow field that residents of the Land of Enchantment have come to know and love.

A bit of Internet research caught Ed Garland’s attention a couple of months ago, and launched him on a quest to uncover the original colors. The flag was designed on the fly for the 1915 Worlds Fair in San Diego, according to Garland’s studies.

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The Daily Flag News—July 25, 2007

This story is timely, coming in the week before the 100th anniversary of founding of Boy Scouts. This ties nicely with The Daily Flag too, since Brian Jones is raising money to buy real flag poles for Camp Butler National Cemetery in Illinois. The link to the PDF file is for donations to the project.

SJ-R.COM – Scout works to replace Camp Butler’s flagpoles
Boy Scouts insigniaRIVERTON — If Brian Jones’ Eagle Scout project is successful, Camp Butler National Cemetery will look a little different on Veterans Day.
(Donate to the cause(pdf))

Jones, a 16-year-old Dawson-area resident who is a member of Troop 46 in Riverton, plans to replace 100 of the temporary flagpoles the cemetery uses for its Avenue of Flags display on special days. The metal poles currently used are 18-foot sections of conduit that, according to Jones, don’t always allow for the best display of the American flag.

“Camp Butler supports people who fought in the wars,” said Jones, who is the son of Michael and Trudy Jones. “This flag project is showing respect to them by displaying the flags the way they are suppose to be displayed.”

I’ve been following this story for a few weeks and it looks like something is about to happen. Apparently, government buildings in the UK can only fly the Union Jack on the sixteen days allowed and no more. Some want to fly the flag daily, and their time may be at hand.

Flying The Flag (from Your Local Guardian)
your-local-guardian.jpgThe Union flag could be raised above Government buildings every day if the public gives the plan the nod.

Culture minister James Purnell has released a consultation paper today suggesting the Union flag should be flown above ministries and departments more than the current 16 days allowed.

Celebrating the 63rd Guam Liberation Day with a barbecue works for me.

Pacific Daily News – – Hagatna, GU
flag-of-guam.jpgOn Liberation Day, the Guam flag flew over more than just Marine Corps Drive.

Almost two dozen U.S. military members, stationed in Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, honored the 63rd anniversary of Guam’s liberation on Saturday with a flag-raising ceremony and a traditional Chamorro barbecue.

Swaying in hot, 25-mph Kuwaiti wind, the Guam flag flew beside American, Kuwaiti and British banners in Camp Arifjan’s Zone 6 for more than eight hours. It was lowered mid-afternoon to be displayed at a later gathering.
The day concluded with a mid-desert island-style barbecue in Zone 1.

“Guamanians love to barbecue no matter how hot or cold it is,” one soldier said, according to a U.S. Army press release. “They just love to eat, too.”

I won’t pretend to understand the motivation behind this, but find it interesting that it hasn’t been done before. It appears the game plan is to plant the Russian flag on the bottom of the Arctic Ocean, at the North Pole, 4200 meters down(2.6 miles).

Russia’s Flag to Be Raised at Arctic Depth of 4km – Kommersant Moscow
russias-flag.jpgThe expedition of Russia’s scientists that starts today from Murmansk to become the biggest undertaking in all history of North Pole’s exploration will raise the flag of Russia deep in the Arctic Ocean. Academician Fedorov motorship and Rossia atomic icebreaker are ready to sail.

This Arctic effort will last for a fortnight. In late July, Mir-1 and Mir-2 are to reach the Arctic Ocean’s bottom near the Franz Josef Land, first time under the ice and to the depth of 4,200 meters, where the flag of Russia will be raised. The most difficult operation will be hoisting bathyscaphs back through the ice-hole, the scientists forecast.

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The Daily Flag News—April 2, 2007

Today’s edition of the news goes international, starting with Scouting news for the UK, a bet in Canada, then heading back to the United States for the others.

The 100th birthday celebration for Scouting is taking place this year in the United Kingdom. General Robert Baden-Powell started what we now know as The Boy Scouts in 1907. The United States got its first taste of scouting in 1910, three years later.

Barrow in Furness, Barrow News Sport, Ulverston News Sport, Lake District News

North-West Evening MailULVERSTON is getting ready to host celebrations marking 100 years of Scouting.

On Saturday, April 21, Scouts and supporters are invited to join a special St George’s Day parade in the town centre.

Beavers, Cubs and Scouts will be parading from the Coronation Hall to the Market Cross carrying flags and banners.

Leading the parade will be Ulverston Town Band accompanied by Ulverston mayor, Councillor Cynthia Earnshaw, other dignitaries and Scouting supporters.

Elizabeth Hall, district commissioner for Scouts in Duddon and Furness, said the flags and banners have been made in workshops under the supervision of Jean Povey.

Mrs Hall said: “At the Market Cross a banner made by the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, will be presented to the mayor.

“This banner has been made to celebrate 100 years of Scouting.”

A bet’s a bet, and when you lose the bet, you get to fly another city’s flag in front of your city hall. At least this is a good bet, reduction of car crashes, to lose or win.
BCNG Portals Page

Abbotsford flagFor the second year in a row, Abbotsford’s flag will be flying high outside Mission’s Municipal Hall.

Abbotsford Mayor George Ferguson crossed the river last Thursday to personally deliver and watch a brand new Abbotsford flag be raised to the top in place of Mission’s flag.

Mission Mayor James Atebe, with help from ICBC loss prevention coordinator for the Fraser Valley, Don Miller, took down Mission’s flag, making good on a bet the community lost last October.

October is Zero Crash Month across the province, promoted by ICBC in an attempt to reduce car crashes throughout the month. Municipalities, and individuals get involved and can challenge one another to do better.

They just cut the flag pole down … all the way to the ground. Who would do such a low-down, despicable thing. Steal a flagpole from a ball park … what is this world coming to?
Visalia Times-Delta – –

visalia-times-delta.jpgScrap-metal thieves started with farms, stealing valves and wires. Then it was on to construction sites, where they stole pipes and even power lines and transformers.

Now comes a more unlikely target: The Miracle League of Visalia baseball field.

It was discovered Thursday morning that someone had cut down and made off with the field’s aluminum flag pole. Gary Geiger, founder of the league and co-chairman of the board of directors, said the thieves probably cut down the 35- to 40-foot-tall pole overnight.

It’s reassuring that the people of Pittsburgh are paying attention to the flag lighting in front of their municipal building. The city was so surprised about the uproar, they decided to erect six more flag poles in honor of the military and are changing the street name to Veteran’s Way.
Carnegie officials rally behind the flag – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Pittsburgh Tribune-ReviewSuch anger recently caught officials in Carnegie unaware. Residents there complained after a light in front of the municipal building malfunctioned in the winter and the flag was left in the dark.

Borough leaders, who hadn’t noticed the light until a man complained at a council meeting, not only fixed the wiring, but came up with a grander plan. They will erect five military flags and name the road in front of the building “Veteran’s Way” — showing that the borough prides itself on having a high level of patriotism and respect for the flag, Carnegie manager Stephen Vincenti said.

“It’s flown in wartime, with bullets flying at it,” Vincenti said. “It’s pretty resilient. There’s no reason to disrespect it.”

Here is a link to that has Flag puzzles for free download.
They range in difficulty from easy to difficult, from 24 to 260 pieces. This is just the thing for that family night in you’ve been planning.
US Flag Jigsaw Puzzle

About.comThe “Star Spangled Banner” plays in the background while you solve any of this set of free US Flag jigsaw puzzles. The set includes a 24 piece for the young ones, a 54 piece, a 96 piece, and a 260 piece version. Each is downloadable separately below: