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Texas county courthouses—a sampler

I wanted to share a few of the courthouse photos that I shot over the Thanksgiving weekend. We traveled 500 miles, coming back from the Texas panhandle, and I photographed seven courthouses that were situated right next the the road we traveled.

I tried to get the flagpole and flags in each shot, but it wasn’t possible at every courthouse. Some flags were out by the road or hidden behind a tree in the photo I wanted to take.

The state of Texas is divided into 255 counties, and I suppose every county must have a courthouse of some sort. I don’t have dates for when these four shown below were built, but their styles are unique.

The King County Courthouse picture is of the old courthouse, sitting next to a more modern brown brick building housing the county government now. It looks like they may be restoring the old courthouse, maybe making it a museum. That would be great.


Cottle County Courthouse is located in Paducah, Texas

King County Courthouse in Guthrie, Texas

McCulloch County Courthouse is in Brady, Texas

Mason County Courthouse in Mason, Texas

As time permits, I will publish more of the photos from the trip.