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Flag retirement ceremony at Gerber B.S.A. Camp

Last week I asked for readers to send photos from flag retirement ceremonies. Our friend Dave Jung sent these photos from B.S.A. Troop 331, in the Gerald R. Ford Council from Grand Rapids, Michigan. The photos were taken during their January “Polar Bear Campout” at Gerber BSA Camp.

Dave reported that as the heat rose from the flames, it had the unintended consequence of melting the snow caught in the tree branches around their fire. The falling clumps of snow added a bit of merriment to the otherwise solemn occasion.

I’m sure the memories of this flag-retirement ceremony will last these Scouts for a lifetime.

from the Polar Bear Campout

Older Scouts begin the ceremony by explaining why the flags are retired
from the Polar Bear Campout, #2

Scouts prepare an old flag to be placed upon the flames
from the Polar Bear Campout #3

A large flag is laid upon the fire
Polar Bear Campout #4

An old flag is consumed by the fire in a flag retirement ceremony conducted by B.S.A. Troop 331.