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Meet Kimberly Rhode


At The Daily Flag News, I prefer always to write my own copy and use my own photographs, but some stories must be passed along (and don’t need any commentary from me). That’s means today I must link you out, because I want you to meet Kimberly Rhode, who has won medals in six consecutive Olympic games.

From Winchester Ammunition, a story about Olympic shooting champion Kim Rhode on the Winchester blog.

By winning the bronze medal, Rhode became the only woman in history to win individual medals in six consecutive Olympic games, the only United States athlete to win six consecutive individual medals and the first to win them in six consecutive summer Olympics.

From Taki’s Magazine, an article by Joe Bob Briggs about Kimberly Rhode, titled Muzzled.

SAN GABRIEL, Calif.—Only two athletes in history have won medals in six consecutive Olympic Games.

Only two.

Let me put this in perspective. There are about 13,000 Olympians, both summer and winter, during each four-year cycle. Since 1896, when the modern Games began, there have been 184,869 Olympians. So we’re talking about something that happens .001 percent of the time, which is just one click above…never.Save