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Flag RED!

Red! It’s the most popular color used in flags and also the oldest. That makes sense, considering the first natural pigment man pulled from the earth was red ochre.

Every kind of symbolism is attached to the color red, both good and bad. But a red flag certainly catches the eye, and is highly visible from a distance. If you wanted to design your own flag, red would be a proven color choice.

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1958 — Elementary School

Growing up, my family moved a lot. Dad worked construction and later as a pipeline welder, so we moved to where the work was, stayed until the job was finished, and headed to the next job. This meant attending many elementary schools. Here is the list of schools and the grade(s).

  1. Shamrock, Texas (1st grade)
  2. Briscoe, Texas (2nd grade)
  3. Aurora, Colorado (3rd & 4th grade)
  4. Spearman, Texas (4th, 5th, 6th grade)
  5. Canyon, Texas (7th grade – 12th)
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Welcome to The Daily Flag

Flags Bay (and The Daily Flag) began, however faintly, in 1959, when Alaska entered the Union as the forty-ninth state in January, and Hawaii became our fiftieth state in August.

As a first-grader, I was enchanted with the idea of far-away Alaska becoming a state. My teacher showed the class the map of Alaska, and explained how big the state was (bigger than Texas!), and now the biggest in the United States.

What interested me in particular was the beautiful Alaskan flag. I was enthralled by the story of thirteen-year-old John Bell “Benny” Benson, who created a flag that so perfectly represented his state. I didn’t understand that Benny’s design had occurred thirty-three years prior to Alaska’s statehood. But all through the years I remembered Benny’s name, and his “Big Dipper” flag, which is how I thought of it. The Big Dipper was the only collection of stars that I could recognize as a six-year-old. Continue reading Welcome to The Daily Flag