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First U.S. flag “floated” over a school house

The first U.S. flag “floated” over a public school house was at Catamount Hills, Massachusetts, in 1812. Today a standing stone tablet marks where the little log school house stood on top of the hill, now on the edge of the Catamount Hills State Park. They were proud of their flag, the Loyalists of Colrain, Massachusetts, and engraved the stone with the names of the ladies who sewed it, and the men who put it up.

Catamount_Massachusetts_Schoolhouse_MonumentI bet they had a picnic

I like thinking about that flag, and what a great day it must have been when they raised it. I hope it wasn’t flown to tatters—I’d like to think it still exists somewhere, even if no one knows the history.




2 thoughts on “First U.S. flag “floated” over a school house

  1. Deb. Did a little research and found this on that flag. Interesting!

    1. Thanks for the link, Sarge. I had found another current link and forgot to include it, but yours is better. This flag tidbit came from an old book of mine published by James Moss, in 1930: The Flag of the United States—Its History and Symbolism.

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