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Hello. I’m back, and I missed you.

American Flag for DesktopHello. I’m back, and I missed you. I haven’t posted anything new in a long time because I ran out of things to say. I was repeating myself, and that was boring. At the same time, two writing projects simmering on the back burner were heating up, and it was time to pursue them. Which I did.

I wrote one book, four-fifths of a second book, and I have a good outline on a third. The first book needs a second edit. The second book was so bad that I couldn’t finish it, but the third book—oh it has real promise. And it’s a book—don’t be surprised—about flags. So I will continue working on the book about flags, and resume writing again at The Daily Flag News.

While things have been quiet at The Daily Flag News, readers continue to find us, and I personally still answer a lot of questions. Questions that proved me wrong about repeating myself. Some things are worth repeating, but that also tells me I need to make some changes in my how I present topics.

You may recall that previously, the flag store was named Flags Bay. I liked that name, and chose it while I lived on Galveston Bay, Texas. But over time I came to think of the entire web site as The Daily Flag, and ultimately decided that I liked that name better.  Now the flag store is named The Daily Flag, and the blog will be called the The Daily Flag News. More changes are coming, but if I do things right, you won’t notice.



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