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Lone Star flag hangs upside-down in TimeWarner Cable commercial

TimeWarner Cable is advertising in Texas, which seems ordinary enough. But the company is using a series of commercials that display the Lone Star flag hanging upside-down on the flagpole. The flag’s white stripe is on the bottom, and the top point on the five-pointed star is pointing down, not up.

I spoke with a TimeWarner Cable marketer in Dallas on November 19, 2009, about a specific TimeWarner commercial with an upside-down Texas flag, and I was told that the commercial would be taken off the air (it was the “football game and tail-gating in Texas” commercial). I don’t know if it was actually removed or not, because I don’t watch television 24/7.

The image below, from the November commercial, is from a screen capture sent to me by a reader at The Daily Flag. There can be no mistake that the state flag of Texas is mounted upside-down on the pole.

upside down Lone Star flag in TimeWarner Cable commercial Nov 2009

Last night (12/08/09) while watching television I saw a different TW Cable commercial—using what looked like the same set as the commercial from November.  The flag is mounted on an indoor pole, and sits in the corner office of what appears to be a football coach.

Clearly, the commercial is designed specifically for the Texas market, but just as clearly—TimeWarner Cable has deliberately chosen to overlook this egregious error in filming the commercial.

The conglomerate TimeWarner Cable wants Texans to buy their cable service, but doesn’t care enough about Texans to edit or re-shoot their commercials so the Lone Star flag is not displayed upside-down. If you interviewed a thousand advertising companies, I’m sure they all would tell you that insulting your customers is bad for your business.

If I were considering a television cable system, I would think twice about buying service from a company that doesn’t respect its market. Did TimeWarner Cable produce state-specific commercials for Maryland, Ohio, and Tennessee—and carelessly display those states’ flags upside-down too? Because I’ve heard the folks in those states love football, and I expect that they too, are most particular about how their state flags are displayed.

Once again, the STAR on the Lone Star flag should be displayed pointing up, or if the flag is displayed vertically by the hoist, the star points to its own right—or left as viewed from in front of the flag. Link here for the flag statute in the Texas government code.

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  1. I plan on talking to TWC and informing Fox 4 in Dallas about it this week.

  2. I am very interested to know how TWC handles this.

  3. You guys are over the top.

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