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Oh say can you sing—The Star-Spangled Banner

DKH_07 Last Friday I received an email alerting me to the National Anthem YouTube Singing Contest sponsored by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History and USA Weekend Magazine!

My correspondent asked if I would share this information with The Daily Flag readers, and I am happy to do so. Entries for this contest will end on April 13.

The winner will be invited to perform the national anthem at the museum and at the Baltimore Orioles vs. Atlanta Braves game in Baltimore on Flag Day, June 14.

The links below will tell you how to enter the contest.



Long-time Daily Flag readers will know that I am a purist about our National Anthem, and if my advice is worth anything, then this is it: If you want to enter this contest, then sing the Star-Spangled Banner with all your heart, and all your soul. Tell the story like it was the first time anyone was hearing it, and take us back to that morning in Baltimore harbor.

2 thoughts on “Oh say can you sing—The Star-Spangled Banner

  1. I always sing the National Anthem (e.g., at a HS FB game); people (especially the kids) look at me like I’m some kindofa weirdo. But I’ll keep singing!

  2. In this article, it sounds like they’re looking for different “interpretations”…
    …. But I’m with you: I’m all for “making it your own,” as long as it’s as true to the original as possible is best (i.e. Whitney Houston/Faith Hill)

    Thanks for the tip!

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