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Folding up “The Daily Flag”


Happy New Year! And goodbye.

It’s time for me to fold up The Daily Flag. I’ve had a great time for the past two years, and made wonderful friends. TDF readers are the best.

But I’m not very good at multi-tasking. As it turns out, my best attribute is also my worst attribute. That means I can focus exclusively on one project, to the exclusion of all others. Now it is time for me to put The Daily Flag aside and pursue another project.

Finally, for The Daily Flag readers, one last flag photo. Isn’t this perfect! It was taken by White House photographer Tina Hager, on the south lawn of the White House, July 4, 2002. It’s how my heart feels on the inside. Best Wishes to you all.

6 thoughts on “Folding up “The Daily Flag”

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading the Daily Flag. Good luck to you and Happy New Year.

    1. Hi Fred—Hey Dave 🙂
      Thanks guys, for your notes. Your comments were always appreciated and I’ll miss you. All the best—Deborah

  2. Having watched you take over for Larry in this blog, it was nice to see you grow into the role, providing fun info and good research. A stepping stone toward a book project, too. Sorry to not have your nuggets of wisdom and patriotism to read in 2009 ;(

    But here’s to a productive new year and a clear focus on other things!

  3. Oh NOOOO!!! Pleeaasse DON’T go!

    Are you going to leave the “The Daily Flag” up for reference? (There’s such a great wealth of information here and I only found this site a month or so ago.)

    And Deborah, thanks so much for all you’ve done. Really.

    1. RW Smith—you are very kind. “The Daily Flag” will stay where it is for now. Eventually, I hope to create a static website—a kind of “best of The Daily Flag” that contains all the reference material and the most useful of the questions and answers. Thank you for writing.

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