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Ten flags fly, in “The Oregonian” flag contest

DKH_08 The Daily Flag previously linked here and here, to The Oregonian’s articles about its contest to design a new state flag for Oregon. From thousands of entries, the newspaper has chosen ten finalists for its readers to vote on, and those designs can be viewed at The Oregonian’s website.

My choice? I didn’t actually vote, because I don’t live in Oregon. But I like this one. It respects the past with a traditional, yet modern design. And it looks the same from both sides, which is important in Oregon.

Jaymes Walker flag designJaymes Walker , 55, Northeast Portland, a landscape designer
The process: “I purposefully kept this flag simple in order for it to represent all of Oregon.” What it means: The “O” stands for Oregon, and is doubled. The incoming stripes frame the letter and strengthen the image to show the strength and solidarity. Blue and gold, the state colors, represent the Pacific Ocean and western Oregon; and the high desert and wheat fields of eastern Oregon. Note that the colors could be reversed.

Hat Tip to Oregonian Ted Kaye, of NAVA—North American Vexillological Association.

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