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Oregonians submit ideas for new state flag

On October 20, The Daily Flag linked to this story in The Oregonian. Today there is an update, with some exciting news for vexillologists.


The response to the flag contest redesign has floored us. I quit counting more than a week ago when we already had 1,000 entries. Now, in the final days (deadline is Friday 5 p.m.) we’ve also gotten envelopes full of submissions from art and history classes across the state.

dkh-07-thumb1 It’s surpassed what we hoped it would do. The contest has made people — from student citizens to senior citizens — think about what makes Oregon distinct. What symbols brand us. It’s been great to read the letters so many of you have written about what you love about Oregon and why it’s important to you.

I designed a great flag, but the contest asked for entries from citizens of Oregon. My design uses the existing blue and gold, and adds two shades of green. On the hoist side, I used half a wagon wheel in gold (superimposed over the blue) that looks like the rays of the setting western sun. And I bet there are at least 100 entries that look just like it.

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