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Vexillologically yours, Deborah

PSdvetsday84Now would be a good time to sign up for the RSS feed from The Daily Flag.

Last week I took a small vacation from The Daily Flag, and during that time I made major business decisions about The Daily Flag and Flags Bay.

I will continue to write for The Daily Flag, but I am reducing the number of articles to one a week, maybe two, which will include occasional book reviews, too.

More than half the people who come to TDF are looking for specific information on flag protocol and etiquette, and I need to make changes on the website so that information is easier to find.

One of the serendipitous consequences of writing at TDF is that I have developed two book ideas which I never would have known about or considered, were it not for TDF and the research required to write here.  I don’t know if these ideas are viable, but I am devoting more time to them. That means trips to distant libraries, because the information I am looking for is not found on the Internet.

I would tell you what the book ideas are, but I cannot (unless you are a book publisher reading here—then one book is an undertold story in American vexillology, and the other idea is about a flag whose mysterious origin, I believe, is deeply buried in one of the oldest and most beloved works in all of English literature. Write me at

Until next week, I remain vexillologically yours, Deborah.

The flag image shown above was adapted from a U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs 1984 Veterans Day poster. The name of the artist is not available presently, but I’m on the hunt.  Isn’t it a beautiful painting!

4 thoughts on “Vexillologically yours, Deborah

  1. Sounds exciting! Go for it!

  2. Thank you Dave. I’ve never tackled a project this big so I appreciate your encouragement.

  3. I love this flag painting also. And, as Dave wrote–GO FOR IT.—- Linda in the windy Texas Panhandle.

  4. Linda, I started today 🙂
    Dave has been a good friend to The Daily Flag and Flags Bay. He writes a personal business blog at

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