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An American flag for everyone

Alex Richman took a great photo a few weeks ago, while he was walking the sidewalks in Bay Ridge, New York.  It is content-rich, and I want you to go to Alex’s Flickr page and examine at the photo at the 3872 x 2592 pixel size. It is a feast for the eyes, and a total delight.

What I love about this photo, is that the hardware store owner has a flag for everyone, even tiny flag pins. The printed 3’x5′ flag is priced at $7.50. The least expensive little 4"x6" flag is 50c, and the "better" 4"x6" flag is 75c. I am absolutely certain that these flags are imported, and I’m not upset about it. Maybe the store owner is imported, too.

Flags Bay is my business, and I stock one of the finest American-made flags in the country. But I don’t object to imported flags, because I want everyone to have an American flag, and I believe in free trade. If some youngster spends $7.50 for a 3’x5′ flag to hang in his room now, then I have every confidence and expectation that someday he will buy an American-made flag … maybe from Flags Bay.


AR Harware store flags for sale

















You can see more of Alex Richman’s photographs at Sidewalk Photography and Alex Richman Photography.

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