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Waiting for Hurricane Ike—September 12, 2008

DKH_03Flags Bay and its companion site The Daily Flag began in San Leon, a fiercely independent fishing community that sprawls across the end of of a stubby peninsula sticking into Galveston Bay, Texas. We eventually relocated to the southern edge of the hill country to be closer to family, but we miss the bay and Galveston Island very much.

In my perfect world, I’d have a little weekender pole house in San Leon, right on the bay so I could  watch the ships crossing via the Houston Ship Channel. If you watch long enough, eventually you’ll see many flags on the bay.

Today that area is in extreme danger from Hurricane Ike., the CBS affiliate in Houston, has excellent coverage this morning, including video shot this morning from their helicopter.


avn-lIt is very bad, and it’s going to get worse. Please pray for all those in the path of Hurricane Ike. The massive storm is a Category 2 hurricane presently, and the storm surge will impact the entire Gulf coast.

There is a freighter in peril about 90 miles southeast of Galveston, but now it is too late—too dangerous for them to be rescued. Please pray for the 22 men onboard, and pray for the men and women of the Coast Guard, who are rescuing those they can reach.

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