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Friday Flag photos—September 5, 2008

AR flags NYTime for some flag photos, from Alex Richman, who is ever-watchful for the fluttering red, white, and blue. Be sure to click into each photo for a larger image.

From just outside of Rockefeller Center in New York City, a view of the building where the Nintendo World store is located (where there are still lines for Wii Fit … ).

Look at the size of these flags! I bet they are 15ft x 25ft, at least. I love flags mounted like this, on the sides of buildings. It’s a fine old custom in large cities with big buildings, and a beautiful way to fly the Stars and Stripes.





Alex spent a day in Long Beach, a lovely small town on a barrier island that hugs the south shore of Long Island in the state of New York. It looks like a great place to live.

AR Long Beach NYI love this photo because it is saturated with content. First—look at the flags! This is a community that has the right idea. Well done boardwalk, plenty of benches, and carefully tended beach.

The game on the beach this day was Beach Tennis. Played with a slightly decompressed tennis ball and tennis rackets, the players use a beach volleyball court and net. I don’t know how it’s scored, but you have to hit the ball before it hits the ground—because it won’t bounce on sand!


AR scooter flags Long Beach NY Look at this great shot of tiny flags—I count three—attached to a push scooter. Makes me want a scooter of my own, but where I live is all hills, and they are steep. I’d crash before I got to the bottom!


For more of photography from Alex Richman, see his blog Sidewalk Photography, his page at Flickr, and his web site.

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