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The Periodic Table of Videos

Univ Nottingham logo Today I want to share a fantastic web site with you.

From the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom—here is the Periodic Table of Videos. What a brilliant idea! I’ve slowly been working my way through these videos, and I am delighted.

DKH_18I actually keep a small chart of the Periodic Table of the Elements right at hand, tucked in-between my flag books. It was my mother’s, and I bet she looked at it at least once a month. "Why?" you ask.

She was vitally interested in the world around her, and if she read something remotely scientific, she’d cross-reference that information to other things she understood, like the periodic table of elements.

While today’s article is not directly about flags, there is a tangent worth following. The art and science—the research and development— of natural and man-made fibers for use in the manufacture of flags, plus the dyes that are used to color the fabrics, has through the centuries followed the exploration and discovery of our chemical elements.

There’s a reason why the first flags were red: Red ochre is made from pigments found in naturally tinted clay, and has been used throughout the world since prehistoric times. Chemically, it is iron oxide.

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