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Public Law 109-243, or how to display the American flag

Fair is fair. Right? 

DKH_05I have written here at length about the Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005 (Public Law 109-243). Here is a story from the Baltimore Sun where a woman is flying the flag in violation of her condo by-laws, and defending her actions by claiming she has the right to fly the flag, predicated on the Act.

In my opinion, she is being un-cooperative.

Poignant reminder flies in the face of the rules

Lindsay Major Ringgold with FlagCondo company wants flagpole in Elkridge removed

By Larry Carson, August 28, 2008

When Lindsay Major Ringgold returns to her Elkridge condominium each day, the sight of a modest American flag on the patio of her first-floor unit gives her comfort. Along with a large yellow ribbon tied to a tree nearby, the flag is a poignant reminder of her husband, Sgt. James Ringgold, a member of the Army Reserve serving in Iraq. "It makes me think of him," she said, explaining her emotional attachment to the fraying flag that has flown since August 2006, just after the couple bought the unit and were married. That’s why the 29-year-old was upset when she got a letter Aug. 11 from the condominium association management company asking her to take the flagpole down.

"For them to ask me to take it down is very hurtful," she said.

For the rest of this article, follow this link to the Baltimore Sun.

The condo management wants Ringgold to remove the flag, pole, and bracket from the load-bearing support pole where she currently has it mounted. Management says the support pole is part of the common structure of the complex.

According to the management, Ringgold is welcome to re-mount her flag on what is her property, but she refuses, citing the Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005.

Mrs. Ringgold, please cooperate and move your flag to another location. If that is your porch, door and windows that I see in the *photograph, then you have several locations where you can mount the bracket and fly your flag. Not as nice as the pole, I agree, but you do have alternatives. And I support the troops 100% too.

For what it’s worth, if that whole corner of the condo building is resting on a slim 4"x4" support pole, I’d be out there stacking cinder blocks along each side, all the way to the top. When Mrs. Ringgold does remove her flag, pole, and bracket, I’m sure the condo management will have that weakened pole replaced with a new one.

*Baltimore Sun photograph by Patrick Smith / August 26, 2008

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