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Australian Danny Katz, on their national flag

Flying the flag, just not the right one

August 14, 2008

DKH_01 THIS is all I’m doing at the moment: watching the Olympics, eating cruddy food, and getting riled up with full-on patriotic Aussie-love. Any time I see an Aussie athlete competing in something, I feel pride burning in my heart – well, part pride, part acid-reflux from the chicken nuggets fried in rendered suet. Any time I hear the Aussie anthem playing, I get goosebumps all over me – part goosebumps, part inflamed acne from the melted tub of choc fudge ice-cream I sucked through a crazy straw. And any time I see an Aussie flag flapping in the breeze, I go all silent and reverential – partly from deep sentiment, but mostly because I’m experiencing my usual Aussie-Flag-Recognition-Cognitive-Confusion.


800px-Australianflagatnewport Katz is not exactly overjoyed with the Australian national flag. Read the rest of his wry and humorous article at the web site for The Age.

Many Australians would like a new national flag—one that would more appropriately represent their unique and beautiful country.

Australia is, of course, a day ahead of North America.

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