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The Arrowmen of ArrowCorp5—a summer to remember

DKH_07 The five national park service projects of ArrowCorp5 are finished. There are several ways to quantify the value of this work, but for the young men themselves, the value is immeasurable.

In the years and decades to come, each young man will remember one very hard week in the sun, and see how his life changed as a result.

Videographers for ArrowCorp5 created five videos, which can be viewed on the OA website.  The Daily Flag has previously linked to the other four videos, and now Bridger-Teton is ready.

The videos recap the five weeks of work and fun, from all five National Forest sites:  Mark Twain, Manti-La Sal, George Washington and Jefferson, Shasta-Trinity, and Bridger-Teton.

Additionally, some of the Arrowmen who were working in the Bridger-Teton National Forest stepped in to help to aid the Forest Service in fighting the New Forks Fire, north of the town of Pinedale, Wyoming. Several volunteer arrowmen assisted the Forest Service by working in the Fire Cache, which is the warehouse of fire supplies and materials that are disseminated whenever a large fire breaks out in the Forest.

DKH_06Congratulations to the Arrowmen, and to all others involved in ArrowCorp5.  You have given much to the nation, and it will not be forgotten.

The images used here were taken from the Bridger-Teton video. 

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