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National Eagle Scout Association is looking for all Eagles

If you are an Eagle Scout, the National Eagle Scout Association wants to make sure you are included in the new NESA directory. Link here for more information or telephone toll free 1-866-753-3506.



5 thoughts on “National Eagle Scout Association is looking for all Eagles

  1. I recieved TWO extra stripes as enlisted to the United States Air Force for my eagle.
    Eagles soar above the ranks.

  2. That is so great. I am such a fan of Scouting because the benefits carry forward for life.

  3. To Whom It May Concern,
    A couple of months ago I renewed my membership for 2 years and purchased an Eagle Scout directory. I never got the directory, and never received a member number to go online to setup an account. When can I expect both items?
    Keith Wisswell
    921 Parkbrook St
    Spring Valley, CA 91977

  4. Hi Keith,

    I wish I could help you, but “The Daily Flag” is not affiliated with the National Eagle Scout Association. I am an enthusiastic fan of Scouting, and I frequently write about Scouting (which could be confusing), but am not a member of any Scouting organizations.

    Maybe you can find some answers and help at NESA :
    It may be that since this call went out for all Eagles to “check-in” —that the group is over-whelmed by the response, and running behind processing information.

  5. moi c’est benaicha51 de organization scout national au maroc

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