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Independence Day in Philadelphia 2008 — Photography by Alex Richman

Alex Richman was in Philadelphia for Independence Day, and took in a baseball game at the beautiful Citizens Bank Park, home of the Phillies. What a perfect way to spend the day, because I love baseball. And what a great city to be in when the Fourth of July rolls around! Here are some of Alex’s photos.


Red, white, and blue flagging strung across a street in Philadelphia. What? You can’t read Chinese?


2649681818_dd11226a04_b Pretty girl with caps flag

What’s a ballgame without a pretty girl? She’s wearing a Phillies shirt and if you look closely at the stands, there are a lot of people wearing Phillies shirts.


2648850075_fc47c3e3a3_b pre-game photo of stands

Pre-game preparations at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, home of the Phillies.


2648850119_a5fc67fbd0_b Betsy Ross and Ben Franklin at the ball game

Citizens Bank Park, which opened in 2004,  has the largest LED board in major league baseball. I think that’s Betsy Ross and Ben Franklin in the image.


2649693174_68541590e8_b Color Guard taking the field

It was a salute to Veterans at the ballpark on Independence Day, and the fans are on their feet and many are already saluting the flag—and the color guard is still moving onto the field. What a glorious sight it must have been, to see all those state flags with the Stars and Stripes!

You can view more of Alex Richman’s photographs at Alex Richman Photography and Sidewalk Photography.

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