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Timeline of Presidents and States

This is an article Larry Hendrick wrote in February 2007. I thought new readers would find it interesting. Because it’s summer, and it’s OK to use reruns in the summer. Right? Click into the graphic for an easier to read size. He created the graphic using mind-mapping software.

Presidents & States

States and Presidents Time Line

Have you ever thought about the time frames for the states entering the Union? How about the relationship between the states entering and the serving President?

Frequently, I reference dates for a state entering the union, and then I wonder what else was happening at the same time. Who was President? What other stories were going on at the same time? Since these things don’t happen in a vacuum, I started a project.

I decided I needed a reference tool that allows me to see a time line for the states coming into the Union. I started working in FreeMind, my mind mapping software, to build the initial group. This gave me the visual I was looking for as an overview.

Then I added a couple of events I had recently looked at, Francis Scott Key and the Moon landing, to see where they fit. That got me to thinking about which President was serving when each state was accepted and one thing led to another and another.

The thumbnail image links to a full size image, which allows you to see the details. I plan on adding more information for my own use, but I will share the file occasionally, as improvements are made.

It really helps me see the big picture when viewing it in this format. I began to notice that some Presidents presided over many states entering and others didn’t see any states enter, which makes sense, but without a visual aid, it is difficult to see the relationships.

George Washington watched the first sixteen states become part of Union and the second most was under Benjamin Harris with six states, in an eight month period from 1889 and 1890.

Future plans for the reference document is adding the state flags to each state. This will just give a quick visual for each state. I’m also interested in adding other dates to the time line showing the relationship with important Supreme Court decisions, major Congressional acts and Presidential proclamations. Again, it helps me see how all these different events intertwine into what we have today.

I hope you enjoy this document and by all means, print it out for quick reference.

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