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Happy 50th Birthday, State of Alaska!

I’m not sure when Alaska officially starts the party, but I see nothing wrong with today. Next Monday marks fifty years—June 30, 1958—since Congress voted to grant statehood to the Territory of Alaska, and it officially became the 49th state on January 3, 1959. What a wonderful 50 years it has been. I’ve spent my whole life (ok, since I was seven) wanting to see Alaska.

My sister Linda is presently vacationing in Alaska and the great Northwest, and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if I get a message from her that says, “not coming back.”

Here are some great links to things in Alaska. Two are to webcams that I’ve shown you before. One of the last things I like to do in the evening is check to see if the mountain is visible. “What mountain?” you might ask, O Reader. Um, this mountain.


Lest you think that all I care about is Mount McKinley or Denali “The High One” (approx. 20,320 feet or 6,194 m), here are some other great Alaska links:

The official website for The State of Alaska

Alaska Facts

Native Alaskans—Hooray for the internet. There is a wealth of information—some of this educational and created for teaching children—but I’ve narrowed the choices to these (and if I’ve overlooked you, please let me know): Alaska Native Knowledge Network (ANKN), Alaskool, Chickaloon Village Traditional Council, Cook Inlet Tribal Council, Igiugig Tribal Village Council, Sealaska Heritage Institute, U.S. Census Bureau, Indian Tribal Genealogy

Webcams—herehere—and here.

Newspapers in Alaska, because I am a newspaper junkie, and I especially like small town press.

Televisions stations in Alaska, where listening to the weather report will make you envious or relieved—depending on the season.

Radio stations in Alaska, because I love local radio, which is immediate and topical

State Parks and National Parks in Alaska

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