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Friday’s Flag—May 30, 2008

Brooklyn photographer Alex Richman has a quick eye for the barest hint of red, white, and blue. He was sitting on his front stoop one day waiting for his wife (en pageant continuum), when a blast of color nearly knocked him over. Alex said,

“I wanted to run after it, but I didn’t have my camera or the energy. My wife came down about five minutes later, and we went for a quick walk. As we were walking I saw through some trees … I saw the same truck. I was praying that the truck was idle. Lucky for me it was and we got this photo. It was taken outside the Parade Grounds in Brooklyn. Parade Grounds is a group of fields and tennis courts near Prospect Park.”

Alex Richman's Flag-Painted Truck and Trailer

Alex Richman's Flag-Painted Trailer

You can see more of Alex’s work at his website Alex Richman Photography.
He photo-blogs at Sidewalk Photography.

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