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Veterans, Scouts, Flags, and flowers

I lost count of the Memorial Day stories that came into my feed reader, but I “starred” about two dozen that combined the words “Boy Scouts, “flags,” and “Memorial Day.” I thought I’d try to count the numbers of Scouts (Girl Scouts, too), and the number of veterans graves that the Scouts decorated with flags (and flowers in some cases), but when the number of Scouts went over 5000, I stopped counting. And that’s from newspapers and television stations which enable their stories for internet access—and for every news outlet that does, there must be ten that don’t.

In Hawaii, Scouts and others decorated the veterans graves with an American flag, and then placed a lei around each headstone. The Girls Scouts decorated the cemetery chapel with flowers. This is very special, because Memorial Day originated with “Decoration Day, which began when women placed flowers on the graves of the soldiers who died in the War between the States.

Here is a story from television station KHNL in Honolulu, Hawaii, about Memorial Day at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific.

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