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Memorial Day reminder

U.S. flag flying half-staff at Kitty HawkRemember that Monday is Memorial Day, and the flag is flown at half-staff from dawn until noon. At noon it should be raised to the full-staff position.

If you work in a business location where the flag is flown (especially 24/7), please remind those who take care of the flag about the proper protocol for the Memorial Day holiday. It might be a kindness if you offer to share the additional obligations of this day—one person to place the flag at half-staff in the morning, and another person to raise it to full-staff at noon.

By Congressional order, the POW/MIA flag is also flown on Memorial Day at all federal installations. This flag is half-staffed with the U.S. flag.

Home owners with flags that are not easily half-staffed may attach a black ribbon to the flag pole, as a sign of remembrance and mourning. Please remember to remove it at noon.

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