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Thursday—It’s the new Friday!

Some The Daily Flag readers may be taking Friday off this week, to enjoy a four-day weekend. Typically, we stay tucked in on holidays, or try to get out days early and stay late to avoid traffic. But husband has a long honey-do list for the weekend—which he’ll learn about around six o’clock this evening.

I continue to read news stories about Scouting, and now that I’ve read a thousand or so Eagle Scout stories, one stunning fact stands out: newspaper stories usually print the names of the Eagle Scout’s parents, and with very few exceptions, most Eagle Scouts come from homes with both parents living in the same house.

There are several ways to interpret this, but most obviously: it helps to have a Father in the home. I don’t know if the BSA National Council keeps up with a statistic like this, but it leads me to my next observation.

For Scoutmasters and other adults involved in Scouting—you must redouble your efforts to reach out to those boys with absent fathers. There can be no doubt—these boys need more help. And I’m not saying that the absent fathers aren’t good fathers, but Scouting is about more than one meeting a week. And I’m not slighting mothers either, but mothers are not fathers.

How many troops set the goal that every Tenderfoot will reach Eagle? Why do we quote “2%” like it’s something to be proud of? Which Scout troops in the nation produce the most of Eagles? That’s a story I’d like to read. I encourage you O Reader, to set up your own Google Reader to search for “Boy Scout” news. You’ll get about a dozen stories a day. Read each one—it won’t take long, and see if your impression is the same as mine.

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