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Oddbins-May 15, 2008

Do you ever have one of those days? You know the kind—when a pre-dawn thunderstorm (um—at 4:15 in the pre-dawn), rattles the house and all your lovely electronic things: computers, printer, and those blinking black boxes that make them all play nice. A second wave of the same weather front passed through a few hours later and dropped some mushy hail, but it was small and there wasn’t any damage.

The storm didn’t knock out the electricity—which was a relief—because the hard-hats from the electric cooperative have been working for months in the neighborhood, replacing bits and pieces left over from the REA. Used to be, a hard sneeze was enough to make all our digitals reset to 12:00—12:00—12:00 …

Nevertheless, Flag Bay’s collection of pricey electronics threw a snot-flinging fit and acted temperamental all day long. It was two in the afternoon before things settled down. So what was banging around for hours out there in the atmosphere, and distressing my stuff?

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