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Fort Monroe in 1864

Isn’t this a terrific photo! That particular design of the flag was very popular during the period. There must have been a grand wind blowing in from Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic on that day. Notice how everyone is trying to stand still and pose for the photograph. The sign to the right of the photo says “Baltimore Wharf,” but I cannot read the smaller signs.

Fort Monroe 1864

From the Library of Congress: Fort Monroe, Virginia, 1864

2 thoughts on “Fort Monroe in 1864

  1. Deborah,

    This photo was taken in December of 1864. The signs that you cannot read are; Captain of the Port’s office, building below the flag. This is where the seamen signed-in and received pay. 
    The center building has a sign at the top identifying it building as the Hygeia Dining Saloon.

    The sign on the right, you have correctly identified as the Baltimore Wharf.

    Hope this eliminates the mystery.

    Bob Killen

    1. Bob Killen—thank you so much! I think it’s a terrific photo, made even better now, with your help.
      Best wishes, Deborah Hendrick

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