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Flags flying from a balcony railing

Here’s an excellent photo of a pretty flag grouping, rarely seen in this form of display.
As viewed from left to right: American flag, Louisiana state flag, flag of France, flag of Spain.

US LA FR SP flags

2 thoughts on “Flags flying from a balcony railing

  1. The U.S. flag is in the correct position in the U.S., but I’m not sure about the others. Precedence is given first to nations alphabetically in English, then to sub-national units like states. That would suggest the order should be: U.S., France, Spain, Louisiana.

  2. Wayne, thank you for writing and you are absolutely correct.
    I was so taken with how pretty the flag array looked, that I forgot to mention that the flags were displayed out of order. I need to retrace the steps that took me to that photo, which I think was taken on a college campus in Louisiana (but no attribution otherwise) and update the information. And of course your comment will remain 🙂

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