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Sky Calendar—a great gift

Sky Calendar for May 2008

Sky Calendar for May 2008
Abrams Planetarium
Michigan State University
East Lansing, Michigan

As a former home-schooling mom (1984-1988), one of my favorite teaching aids was the Sky Calendar from Abrams Planetarium. Each day of the calendar offers something easy to identify in the evening sky, as viewed from the latitude of 40 degrees North, which is usable all across the continental United States.

No one at Abrams Planetarium knows me, and this endorsement is strictly for my own pleasure and I hope yours. With warmer weather approaching (yes, my Friends in Minnesota, it will warm up eventually), the Sky Calendar can become a point of mutual interest between parent and child, and an opportunity to step outside and look up at the sky together. Ten minutes under the stars could last until bedtime, and that would surely be an improvement over television and video games.

It costs $11 to subscribe, and I promise the “added value” is exponential. If you don’t have children at home, give a subscription to the grandchildren, the neighbor kids, or a Scout troop. Think of it as seed money for the next generation of space scientists and astronomers.

And if you are curious about the relationship between The Daily Flag, and the Sky Calendar, there is precedence: The state flag of Alaska features one of the most recognizable star groupings in the world—the North Star and the Big Dipper (a somewhat contracted and stylized image but it succeeds).

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