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From sea to shining sea … through a web cam—April 1, 2008

A favorite “job” at The Daily Flag, is cruising around the country via the internet, to look “through” web cams. In particular, web cams where the flag is visible. The Daily Flag‘s editor does not necessarily exclude a web cam if there is not a visible flag, but obviously she is partial to displays of the Stars and Stripes, the Lone Star, etc.

Harbor Cam, Galveston TXFrom our country’s southern coast on the Gulf of Mexico, I like to check in on the Island Cams in Galveston, Texas. I like the “Strand” cam, in which the viewer can see five flags on the right side of the frame, if there is enough breeze to lift the flags up. There is a sixth flag far in the background but I can’t tell what it is.

I especially like the “Harbor Cam” where in fair weather, the Elissa flies the Stars and Stripes off the front spar. On weekends, you can see the large cruise liners that berth just beyond the Elissa. I keep thinking that I’ll catch one of the big white ships coming in or departing, but I miss it every time.

Next on my itinerary is the Alamo web cam in San Antonio. The Lone Star flies on the left side of the frame, above the trees. This morning I caught the end of a ceremony on the plaza, complete with a color guard, but I don’t know what it was. “Fiesta” in San Antonio begins April 18 and lasts for ten days. Much of the celebration will pass in front of the Alamo cam, if you to stop by and seeing what’s going on.

In a few days, I’ll link to more of my favorite web cams across the nation and abroad. In the meantime, send me a web-cam link if you have a favorite. There are 49 more states whose flags I’d love to spotlight here.

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