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Where the trail leads …

While searching for a new flag video this morning, I wandered down a bunny trail and found this.
How many have you seen?

Fred MacMurry and Scout

Yes, that’s Fred MacMurry from the 1966 Disney movie Follow Me Boys! which also starred a youthful Kurt Russell and the glorious Vera Miles. And yes, it is available on DVD.

2 thoughts on “Where the trail leads …

  1. I first saw this movie when I went to Philmont for a training course back in the summer of ‘03.

    Bootleg copies on VHS were all that was available then, because Disney hadn’t put into general release for some time. It finally came out on DVD back in ‘05 or ‘06.

    Its one of my favorite movies, but of course, today’s Scouts hardly relate to it.

  2. I remember parts of “Follow Me Boys!” but I don’t recall seeing the ending. How interesting that you saw this movie as part of a Scouting training course as recently as 2003. Maybe a troop movie night would be fun, and gather the boys to watch it—then discuss what concepts still hold up after more than forty years.

    I thought “The Wrong Guys” might be worth finding.

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