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It’s not just “blue” in South Carolina

flag of South Carolina

Did you know that indigo blue was South Carolina’s first cash crop? Thanks to 9-year old Lauren Cunningham of Lake Murray Elementary School, indigo blue may soon be recorded and recognized as the the official Palmetto State pigment.

Given the steadily increasing demand for “blue jeans,” I would not be surprised if indigo were still a major cash crop in South Carolina, not to mention the blue in the state flag.

From the Post and Courier in Charleston, South Carolina

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South Carolina has numerous totems, emblems and other items of identity formally designated by the General Assembly. A state color may be next on the list.

Indigo blue would become the official Palmetto State pigment under legislation filed by Sen. Ronnie Cromer, in response to a suggestion from a 9-year-old constituent, Lauren Cunningham of Lake Murray Elementary School. Miss Cunningham’s reasoning is that indigo blue is the background of the state flag, and that indigo was the state’s first cash crop. The proposal has gotten the nod of the Judiciary Committee and now is before the full Senate, according to The Associated Press.

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