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Flag photo I like

I like this photo because of the flags arrayed at the back of the room. Standing in absolutely correct order to the left of the U.S. flag are the flags of the Armed Forces, whose positions are predicated on the time-line of congressional authorization for that armed force. As we view the photo from left to right:

  • American flag
  • U.S. Army flag
  • U.S. Marines flag
  • U.S. Navy flag
  • U.S. Air Force flag
  • U.S. Coast Guard flag


I found this photo yesterday on the internet. I’d give attribution—in fact I spent hours searching for attribution—but all I can tell you is that the photograph must have been taken on March 12, when Sen. Barack Obama held a news conference at the Chicago Museum of History. Nine former generals and admirals attended the event. I don’t understand why the Illinois state flag was slighted since the photo was taken in Chicago. (You can bet if this occasion had occurred in Texas, the Lone Star would have been in the line-up.)

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