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My Reader Overfloweth … for a while

USflaginfield At long last, a little relief. My news reader overfloweth no more … at least not as bad as before the politicians came to Texas.

The Texas primaries were held last week and I’m sure glad they’re finished. The influx of news stories including references to flags saw a significant increase over the last month.

I subscribe to a lot of feeds in my news reader to find the latest flag news to share with all of you. I look for references to the U.S. flag and state flags, and if you haven’t noticed, politicians love to stand in front of flags while they pontificate on their worthiness to lead. Because of this, my news reader has overflowed with news about politicians and the U.S. and Texas flags.

Thousands of news stories every day to wade through, looking for flag news to share. I’m already seeing some relief, with the news at a modest level over the weekend. I may survive until the real elections kick off in a few months.

I’m glad this doesn’t happen every year.

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