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The Alamo Mindmap

At the beginning of the From the Alamo series, I promised to share the mind map I created of the events. Using MindManager Pro 7 allowed me to pull information from several resources and mesh it all together in chronological order. Otherwise, I would still be confused.

The map is very large when opened up, but it had to be or you couldn’t move around in it and read the notations. I experimented and the map size is 2000×1500 pixels, so you will have to scroll left and right, up and down since most computer screens are 1024×768 (as a reference point).


Mindmap of the 1836 Siege on the Alamo

If you click on the map to enlarge to its full size, remember the image close button is at the far-bottom-right of the image. And yes, after creating this image and uploading the file, I noticed the wrong century on February 26th. Sorry.

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