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From the Alamo—East Wall Breached

March 5, 1836—Saturday

Not long after cannon fire breached the east wall, the bombardment stopped. Silence fell over the mission as we waited to see what would happen next, but there was nothing. The men worked fast to close the hole, while the rest of us kept watch.

The Mexican army drew back at dark which means they will regroup. Mexican troops have continued to arrive in town and encampment, and now they number more than 5000 strong while we are at 182*. I don’t understand why they stopped the cannon fire, as they breached the walls these last two days.

At first the quiet was a relief but after a few hours, the silence is worse than the constant cannon fire. With the dark we can only wonder what is going on in the Mexican camp.

Travis sent several men outside the walls posted as look outs. If the enemy is preparing an attack, our men can sound the alarm before the walls are reached.

Victory or Death!

A.J. Williams

*the exact number isn’t known, but most scholars number the men between 180 and 185.

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