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From the Alamo—Bonham arrives with news

March 3, 1836—Thursday

Cold and clear this morning. Bonham slipped into today with another message from Col. Fannin. The short message, "They ain’t coming" sent shudders through the group gathered to hear the news.

Never discouraged, Travis wrote another letter, but this time to Houston and the Council gathered at Washington-on-the-Brazos. Surely they will rally to our aid.

Time is running out and Santa Anna will soon attack, but we can hold out for a while longer.

A.J. Williams


[editor’s note: This is Travis’s last known letter from the Alamo]

Col. Fannin is said to be on the march to this place with reinforcements, but I fear it is not true, as I have repeatedly sent to him for aid without receiving any … I shall have to fight the enemy on his own terms, I will, however, do the best I can under the circumstances; and I feel confident that the determined valor and desperate courage, heretofore exhibited by my men, will not fail them in the last struggle; and although they may be sacrificed to the vengeance of a Gothic enemy, the victory will cost the enemy so dear, that it will be worse for him than defeat.
I hope your honorable body will hasten reinforcements, ammunition, and provisions to our aid as soon as possible. We have provisions for twenty days for the men we have. Our supply of ammunition is limited … God and Texas. Victory or Death.

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  1. Integrity–doing what you say you will, of singular mind.

    Conjouring in my mind the movie 300. Have you seen it?

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