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From the Alamo—My dear Samantha,

February 28, 1836—Sunday

My dear Samantha,
We are surrounded by thousands of Mexican troops commanded by Santa Anna. They have bombarded our walls for five days straight, not even stopping at night. There is no rest and sleep is not possible. We’re anxious about what is to come. The mission compound is large, but I don’t like being penned in here. Yet our walls keep us safe for now.

We are hopeful that reinforcements will arrive soon, and the watch are ever vigilant. Travis has written several times to Houston and Fannin, but none have arrived. Our ranks are thin, and not enough men to cover the walls if the Mexicans decide to attack. We are standing our posts without relief now. The cold and rain are taking their toll, making it almost unbearable.

Our advantage lies with men like Bowie and Crockett. Yes, even Col. Travis. I know I haven’t been kind about him, but he is a fighter. I wasn’t sure because of his young age, but he has proved himself worthy.

If God wills, I will see you soon.

Love A.J.

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