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The Winter Texan Reception (part 2)

Larry wrote yesterday about the Winter Texan Reception, a yearly event hosted by the Canyon Lake Chamber of Commerce.

Canyon Lake, here in the Texas Hill Country, was formed when the Army Corps of Engineers built a massive dam across the beautiful but unpredictable Guadalupe River. The mild winter climate, beautiful lake, and rugged hills make this area a warm haven for our northern cousins.

Winter Texan Reception 2008

from the 2008 Winter Texan Reception, Canyon Lake Chamber of Commerce

The Winter Texan Reception attracted 333 guests, and I visited with people from Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Missouri, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota (the largest percentage). Also Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, New York, and Maine. And there were folks from British Columbia, and Ontario, Canada. In fact, one of the ladies from Ontario told me that her family hoists the Lone Star flag at their lake cabin, somewhere up there (I guess when the lake is not frozen over!) I know there were more states represented, but can only vouch for these.

Area restaurants served up chili, baby-back ribs, corn chowder, salads, fresh vegetables, sandwiches, and a river of coffee and tea. Volunteers covered the dessert tables in every kind of sweets. It all smelled wonderful and I don’t think anyone went away hungry.

We watched line dancers and cloggers, an exhibition of Tai Chi (I’m sorry I don’t have their group names) and Greg English of The English Brothers, who played for us on the guitar and banjo, and sang traditional Western songs.

There were door prizes and drawings for our Winter Texans, which was a big hit. We donated a 3’x5′ flag kit. Larry and I debated over the flag—should we put in a U.S. Flag, or the state flag—but decided finally that a Winter Texan needed a Texas flag!

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