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2008 Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce Winter Texan Reception (part 1)

WinterTexanCrowd Yesterday, Deborah and I spent most of the day at a gathering in Canyon Lake hosted by the Canyon Lake Chamber of Commerce. The event was the annual Winter Texan Reception for our northern neighbors who like winter in our warmer climate. The south Texas hill country is a long-time destination for folks seeking less snow and more sunshine. Our shirt-sleeve weather yesterday was a big difference from the freezing temperatures back home.

This year the big winner was Minnesota! From my unofficial count of visitors from Minnesota, there aren’t enough left in the state to keep the grocery stores open. Our visitors came from locations as far away as Canada and as close as Bryan, Texas, which is just up the road a ways, in Texas mileage.

I loved talking with the visitors; it is always an educational and interesting experience. The Chamber put the final visitor headcount at 333. Add in the more than forty Chamber volunteers this year, plus vendors and it was a great crowd.

DeborahatBoothFlags Bay bought a 3′ table space for the event. As you can see from the photo, 3′ isn’t a very big space to display U.S. and Texas flags, since our smallest is 3′ x 5′, but Deborah made the best of it. Our Lone Star flag was a big people stopper—that large white embroidered star really catches the eye when viewed up close.

We set up one of our 20′ telescoping flagpoles and flew a U.S. and Texas flag to add a little color to the event. This theme this year was Stars and Cowboy Hats in a red, white, and blue color scheme, so our table space was decorated by simply displaying our flags!

Deborah will share some more tomorrow about the Winter Texan Reception, and put up more photographs.

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