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The Daily Flag Flies into Your Inbox

LoneStarFlag In the past month, Flags Bay launched two new information services. This is a good time to review those services, and clarify a few points. One is from The Daily Flag and the other is from Flags Bay’s flag store.

Subscribe by Email

The first new service is the Subscribe by Email which was added at The Daily Flag. Many of our readers subscribe using the RSS feed on the website, but that’s not for every one. If you don’t know what an RSS feed is, don’t worry about it. It’s geeky techno-jargon anyway.

For our normal readers, the Subscribe by Email is quick and easy to use. In the right sidebar on any page, you will see the place to subscribe by entering your email address. Once you do that, an email is sent to the address typed in to verify it is legitimate. Before your subscription is activated, you must click a link in the email. This takes you to a Flags Bay page for you to click confirm.

This is called a double opt-in email subscription and accomplishes two purposes. First is to keep someone from entering your email address without your permission and second, to make sure you intended to subscribe.

Our privacy policy assures the safety of your email address, and the only thing you receive by this action are new articles written and published at The Daily Flag. You will not receive any junk emails or marketing materials from Flags Bay … ever.

Flag Position Notifications

The second new service is a little different. This is a request notification about flag flying days and half-staff days. We have implemented this from the Flag Store where that feature is built into our store software.

Those on this email list will receive notices of the 20+ designated flag flying days each year (according to the U.S. Flag Code), including the days the flag should be flown at half-staff. For instance, there are two days in February on the designated list, Lincoln’s Birthday and President’s Day (Washington’s Birthday Observed). We will send out emails two or three days prior to these days with a reminder to fly the flag and at what position, full or half-staff.

To be part of this email notification, all you need to do is set up an account at the store. Setting up an account does not require a purchase (though I don’t want to discourage you). Again, this is not a spam or marketing list, and will be used for flag position notifications.

If you need more information on either of these new services, click the Contact tab at the top of this page and fill in the form. The information from that form flies straight into MY inbox insuring a rapid response.

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