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Texans get to choose a new license plate design—Part 2

texastagchoice.jpgIt’s time to get out the vote! That’s right, the new Texas license plate designs are on display and you have until noon, February 11, 2008 to register your opinion by voting. Deborah voted for Natural Texas and I voted for Lone Star.

Follow the story link directly to the voting page.

Texas License Plates
Voting Timeframe

Voting begins at noon on Monday, Feb. 4 and ends at noon on Monday, Feb. 11. View the current unofficial vote count.

Note: Limit two votes per household. Additional votes will be deleted.

2 thoughts on “Texans get to choose a new license plate design—Part 2

  1. I like my new designs for the Texas plate much better.

  2. Robbie, I like your designs too, especially the first one. Great job! Looking at the voting just now, shows the Lone Star Texas tag leading by a large margin. Second place goes to the bluebonnets plate with the current tag riding drag.

    To tell the truth, I can handle all of them, but prefer the Lone Star Texas contribution. We’ll know in less than a week.

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